We teach you the researched and tested science of successful business persuasion. (If you're after 'sales tricks' you are in the wrong place)

Selling by not Telling

You very rarely persuade other people to buy from you; actually customers usually persuade themselves. In our training you are going to learn how to influence their thinking efficiently. From the first phone call to the established order flow, you will enjoy succeeding at selling.

Managing by not Officiating

Despite all the management training most sales managers still see their job as catching people doing things wrong. They see sales training as something they give once in order to achieve the desired behaviour change; it never works. With our training you will learn the skills of charismatic and inspirational sales leaders who get things done. You are going to discover the leadership power inherent in praising publicly and frequently, admonishing firmly and fairly and coaching consistently and constantly.

Presenting by not Power Pointing

Your slide show is the least persuasive part of your presentation. Research shows that your audience are more persuaded by the way they see you move and speak. We are going to show you how to get it right when you are presenting so that they remember you, buy your ideas, then buy your products.

Negotiating by not Haggling

Price-haggling is the suicidal behaviour of average negotiators. By contrast, top negotiators know the danger of the phrase "We’re making you a very fair offer". And they’ve learnt why too many facts (to prove to the other side that ‘you are right’) has the opposite effect. With our training you’re finally going to know how to achieve your negotiating objectives and come out with what you want, just about every time.